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Enjoy some light, charming fun with ‘Kimono Cats’

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Kids can relax while having fun with the latest addition to Apple Arcade.
Image: HumaNature Studios

Choose your cat and their feline friend then wander through a Japanese “matsuri” festival playing mini games in Kimono Cats. Intended for children, it’s both charming and easy to play.

The game debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, and there are versions for a wide variety of Apple computers.

Kimono Cats promises charming festival fun

So many games are too violent for kids, so the new one from HumaNature Studios is a welcome alternative.

In Kimono Cats, players take on the role of a cat and their companion as they take in a festival. There are a variety of mini games to play where players can earn coins.

The coins players earn with mini games can be used to purchase houses, shops, and decorative objects to design and build their own little village. Players can also visit other players’ villages where they can leave gifts and messages.

Unlike too many rival games, this isn’t a trick to convince players to buy coins with real money. Apple Arcade forbids in-app purchases in all games, including this one.

HumaNature Studios is a small indie game studio located in Lahaina, Hawaii. “We work hard to make things we believe in that will in some small way make this world a more joyful place,” says the developer.

Play it now

Kimono Cats debuted Friday in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. It’s playable on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. External game controllers are an option for any of the supported platforms.

Other recent additions to Apple Arcade that children can enjoy include the cute farm simulator Farmside, the smashy fun of Castle Crumble, and Squiggle Drop.

Playing any or all of these comes with a $4.99-per-month subscription to Apple’s gaming service, which also brings access to 200+ games already in the service. Parents can relax knowing that none of these have surprise costs.

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