I have this annoying issue for which I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I’ve just migrated from Android to iPhone and transferred my WhatsApp backup. The app on the iPhone 14 pro works fine, no issues. However, when I try to link to WhatsApp web, that doesn’t work (the website is stuck on loading chat page). Also, most of the times but not always, the iPhone app crashes when doing that and the only way to recover it is to uninstall and re install the app (very annoying!). I’ve tried the followings in all sort of different combinations:

  • Reboot phone and laptop
  • Use different web browser
  • Use different laptop
  • Use WhatsApp desktop app

It is definitely related to the iPhone app as it used to work fine on the Android one. Anyone has any idea what else I can try? I am running iOS 16.1.1 and WhatsApp 22.24.81 (latest release).