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This Apple Watch Ultra case expands your color options

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Elkson Quattro Max shields the Apple Watch Ultra from scratches and tones down the orange color.
Photo: Elkson

Apple Watch Ultra is amazingly powerful, but many people aren’t thrilled that the design uses orange as an accent color. But put the wearable in the Elkson Quattro Max Bumper Case and much of the orange is hidden. And the case now comes in five color options.

Plus, it’s about more than a pretty color. The case adds a layer of extra protection for Apple Watch Ultra and its display.

Protect and change the color of Apple Watch Ultra with Elkson Quattro Max

Apple Watch Ultra is designed for athletes and adventures, and the casing is titanium so it can survive bumps and blows. But it’s hard to have too much protection for an expensive device unless the add-on case is too bulky. That’s why the Elkson Quattro Max is designed to be a happy medium between comfort and protection.

It’s made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to keep the watch body safe from scratches. And the 9H tempered glass screen protector shields the most breakable part of the wearable.

The wraparound case covers the orange Action button without interfering with its use. And that’s a plus for those who aren’t a fan of orange.

Previously, Elkson Quattro Max came only in black. But as of Friday it’s available in four additional colors: gray, orange, desert brown and charcoal green.

The protective bumper case for the Apple Watch Ultra sells for a just $14.99.

Buy from: Cult of Mac store

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