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iphone – iCloud Hacked and trusted number changed – is there anything I can do?

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Note: This might be more of a rant than a question, but I’d still appreciate advice.

I have a dual SIM phone. All of a sudden, the eSIM (personal line) kept getting calls on loop from a number saying that this is Apple and that someone logged into my account.

A few minutes later, I’m signed out of all my iCloud Devices. I tried to sign back in, and the password stopped working, and the trusted number was changed.

Then, my phone was remotely wiped right in front of me and it was set up as a new phone, without the ability to restore from iCloud Backups since my iCloud account was no longer accessible.

When I set up the phone as a new phone, I only had one SIM (physical SIM) and no eSIM registered anymore on the phone.

My theory of what’s happened is they SIM swapped my personal phone line and somehow got into my Apple ID (It was a fairly strong password, unless it got leaked somehow), and used access to my personal number to gain access to my iCloud. I got access to my phone line a few hours later by going back to AT&T and creating a new eSIM. Of course, AT&T has no logs or historical info showing a new device has been changed or what the IMEI even was.

Apple repeatedly says they can’t do anything to restore access to my iCloud account because my trusted number has been changed. I understand that perhaps due to end-to-end encryption and/or privacy components here, even Apple can’t do something, but I just find it so ridiculous that even though I own the email and the username, nothing can be done.

I saw an article with something like this happening, though I don’t know if it ended up going anywhere.

Has anyone either:

  1. Dealt with this before, and has some advice for me?
  2. Knows anything more about how to escalate a situation like this.

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