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How can I convert a RAW (DNG) photo to a JPG on my iPhone?

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I have an iPhone 14 Pro. There are some photos that were taken in RAW (DNG) format. I want those photos to be in JPG format. I have the Photos app’s “Transfer to Mac or PC” setting on “Automatic”, but when I transfer the photos to my PC, they are still in DNG format.

I tried to use ImageMagick on my PC to convert the DNG files to JPG, but as you can see (original DNG on the left side, converted JPG on the right side), the colors are way off on the converted image:

So I would like to do the conversion in the iPhone itself if possible. I found an article saying that you can convert a DNG photo to a JPG by tapping the Share button on the image and then selecting “Save to Files”, but that still saved the photo as a DNG.

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