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terminal – iOS apps that lets you SSH into a server using Yubikey 5 NFC with Public Key authentication and gpg-agent

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I have a Yubikey 5 NFC, and iPhone 11. I am also running an Ubuntu Server. To log into my server on from mac using ssh. I use ssh with gpg-agent and public key authentication, and have the private (gpg) key credentials stored on my Yubikey 5 NFC in the gpg format. So I log into my server from Mac OS by sshing into my server with my yubikey (using gpg-agent). My yubikey authenticates into the server perfectly.

To make this work with Yubikey 5 (on MacOS), I have the following lines in my .zshrc file:

# Make gpg check for yubikey on startup and insertion
gpg-connect-agent "scd serialno" "learn --force" /bye

# Launch gpg-agent for use by ssh
export GPG_TTY="$(tty)"
export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$(gpgconf --list-dirs agent-ssh-socket)
gpgconf --launch gpg-agent

I tried browsing the apple app store for iOS terminal emulators compatible with Yubikeys for ssh commands. I was hoping to find a Yubikey SSH compatible app but couldn’t find anything. After browsing the app store for quite some time, I can’t seem to find any terminal emulator app descriptions that show ssh compatibility with Yubikeys.

My question is, is there a terminal or ssh app for iOS that would allow me to ssh into my server in a similar fashion using the NFC protocol on my Yubikey 5 NFC? Any links or apps would be much appreciated.

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