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windows – Restoring MacBook Pro 9.1 (2012) Firmware to versions as shipped with Lion

I was hoping to get a second life out a set of 2012 MacBook Pros (MacBook Pro 9.1, A1286, MD104) using Linux or booting into Windows for retro activities. However, later versions of the firmware (installed during Mojave and later) remove older, more-compatible hardware modes. This prevents things like Ethernet from working correctly in non-MacOS OSes.

I’m hoping to find a way to downgrade the Firmware from -> 00DA B00 or to the originally shipped firmware.

Anybody have a procedure to restore the original firmware?

In the absence of that, anybody have a copy of the original firmware? I’m not opposed to hexediting images and reprogramming the firmware (on or off the board).

I was hoping to find a set of older firmware on my various MBP9,1s but they are all the newer firmware.

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