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Cool clear case keeps AirPods Max safe and looking new

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Want your AirPods Max headphones to keep looking like they did the day you bought them? Try Elago’s clear case.
Photo: Elago

Apple’s AirPods Max are premium wireless noise-cancelling headphones, and they don’t come cheap ($549). So shouldn’t you protect those top-shelf cans like you protect your other Apple gear?

Fortunately, Elago makes a clear case that’ll keep your headphones looking new. And unlike other cases, you can keep them on the headphones all the time, even when you’re wearing them. And they’re inexpensive, too.

Elago Clear Case for AirPods Max

“Have peace of mind by protecting your headphones with durable polycarbonate clear case for your AirPods Max,” Elago said. “Polycarbonate was used on the main face to let your AirPods Max design shine through while protecting them.”

So the clear case lets the headphones’ beautiful design shine through — it’s clear, so it looks like there is no case — while also protecting them from everyday mishaps.

Stylish and protective

Little scratches and dings are going to happen, so defend against them with Elago's case.
Little scratches and dings are going to happen, so defend against them with Elago’s case.
Photo: Elago

The case protects against drops, scratches, discoloration, oils and dirt — essentially, everything that could prematurely age your headphones. With the case, you can keep them looking like they just came out of the box for the first time.

And if you want to customize your headphones with stickers and the like, you can stick them on the case and never touch the headphones.

And at the same time, the case is utterly unobtrusive — not to mention super-affordable.

Please note, Elago products ship to the U.S. only.

Price: $16.49

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

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