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Play the world’s finest courses with a state-of-the-art golf simulator

The upcoming Masters Tournament is a lot of things: a nail-biting chance to watch the world’s best golfers at the top of their game, a love letter to one of the finest courses in the United States, and perhaps the most exciting event of the year for golf lovers.

It can also be a huge source of inspiration to get out and hit the green yourself. And that can be a real bummer if the weather is still bad where you live. Luckily, at-home golf simulation technology has come a long way. Case in point: the TruGolf Mini.

Refine your golf technique at home

Imagine just turning on the TV or your iPad and having instant access to some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses. With the TruGolf Mini golf simulator, you can that, plus your very own golf tutor in your home.

The TruGolf package includes an impact trainer, a miniature sensor, a play mat and all the software you need to improve your golf game. The system helps you perfect your swing and form as you play through stunning virtual courses.

TruGolf’s trainer club is a pretty impressive piece of technology all on its own. Weighted to match the feel of a real club, it also clicks on the downstroke to let you know when you’ve made “impact” with the virtual golf ball. With every use, it gathers precise data on the arc of your swing, down to the club face angle.

When paired with E6 Connect golf-simulation software, it delivers valuable feedback that can improve your game in real life so you can impress your golf buddies when you hit the actual green again.

Play at world-famous golf courses, all from your home

The TruGolf simulator lets you play on 3D-rendered versions of real-world courses, like Gleneagles and Pinehurst No. 8. You’ll enjoy the stunning courses. And you’ll get an edge over other players so you can play like a pro if you ever hit those courses in person.

This simulator earned 5 out of 5 stars, with one user writing, “I got it for my son for Christmas. He loves it! Best purchase ever! He played it with his dad and they played it for hours. It’s like playing on a real course!”

Save on TruGolf Mini golf simulator

Want to try it out for yourself? In celebration of the Masters, you can get the TruGolf Mini golf simulator now for just $199.99 (regularly $229.99). This deal ends on March 15 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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