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macbook pro – How to tell from the hardware if logic board is Core i5 or i7?

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I have a faulty logic board that I removed from a MacBook Pro, 13 inch, Late 2016; my problem is that I forgot to mark down if it was an i5 or i7 logic board before removing the part. The board has the model 820-00875-A. Is this enough to conclusively determine which CPU it has, and if not, is there any other way besides reinstalling it into another Macbook? Thank you!

EDIT: The board I am trying to identify came from a function keys (non-touchbar) Mac if that helps to narrow it down.

EDIT: I removed the heatsink and on the CPU there are 2 sequences etched: J615C415SRJM and 02168, neither of which bring anything on Google.

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