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Is there a setting to fix Finder listing files that do not match the search string?

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Running recent versions of MacOS Finder, searching for files containing a text string, the results include some apparently-random selection of files which clearly do not include the specified string.

e.g. I search for “chunk”, and get six files with “chunk” in the filename, but ALSO a hundred or more other files that do NOT have “chunk” anywhere in the filename. Some of them don’t even have any of the letters in “chunk” in them, such as “pdf.js”.

Why does this happen, and can it be changed (short of installing a third-party program that can do this ultra-basic functionality)?

I have tried searching for help articles and questions on this, and have found dozens of other issues people have had with file search, but not this one.

I have tried this on two Macs; it happens on both.

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