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pdf – Recover deleted file

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So I used EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard to attempt to recover a deleted pdf.

It found it and I was able to see a preview of the file. However, I was unable to actually download the file due to it being trial software.

I kept clicking on the preview (just kinda considering taking screenshots of it).
Also, at the same time I tried using a couple other recovery tools (PhotoRec being one of them). Actually ran out of disk space and had to delete all photorec results (then found out how to scan only pdfs).

I then noticed the preview stopped working on EaseUS (wasn’t sure if amount of previews were limited or if file got lost…due to running similar sw simultaneously or something).

I was then able to run a version of EaseUS without limitations..and is not finding my pdf anymore.

Any ideas on what happened and if there is anything that can be done?


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