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ventura – Listing and copying RW2 files from SD card takes ages

I’m running a MacMini 16GB under Ventura 13.2. I have been trying to download pictures taken with my Lumix FZ-1000 Mark2 camera from an SD card. And. This. Is. Taking. Ridiculously. Long.

The very process of reading the contents of SD Card takes ages, then another era passes by when I eventually manage to drag and drop a few files and Finder gets to compute the size of the files to copy.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • 4 different SD Card readers, connected directly to Mac (no intermediate adapters or docks)
  • closing all apps
  • accessing and copying via terminal – no real speed gain from that; ls -la within DCIM directory takes for ever as well, and this is only to list 5 subdirectories, eg 104_PANA

The photos are taken in JPG, but also in RW2 format which obviously comes in large files. The camera is included in this list of RAW supported cameras (Panasonic FZ1000 MK2) so I assume no compatibility issue is involved here.

As I haven’t worked with RAW files on a Mac before – I don’t have a benchmark. Is this a typical problem every Mac user is facing? What else could I try?

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