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macos – What can be done to make programs startup faster?

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I bought a new MacBook Air with an M1 chip.
When I launch programs, they don’t launch immediately. First, the icon bounces for a few seconds, and only after that, I can see the program window.

I found a nice YouTube video that clearly shows the essence of this problem.

Here you can see the timer. It clearly shows that it takes 11 seconds to start the program (VS Code), as well as mine.
The author of this video suggests downloading a special version of VS Code for the M1 chip. I did and it really helped a lot. But all other apps still take a very long time to load.

It makes me feel like I’m hitting something every time. These delays are annoying, stopping my work, and I spend a lot of energy trying to make sure that my click finally gets a response.

I believe the M1 chip is very powerful and fast. So it’s probably some kind of animation, not a heavy task for the processor. I want programs to launch immediately when I click on them, without any delays, any animations.
What can be done to make my MacBook Air fast?

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