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Practice your swing from the comfort of your home with this $190 golf simulator

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If you’re any kind of golfer, you’re likely counting down the days until the Masters Tournament starts in early April. So, what can you do until then? To get into the golfing spirit, you could hit the green at your local course. Or, you could invite some friends over and play 18 holes on a virtual version of your dream course, whether that’s Augusta National or Loch Lomond.

The PhiGolf at-home golf simulator can take you there and beyond. And that’s just the start of what this innovative product offers. During our Golf Campaign, which ends March 15, you can score the PhiGolf for only $189.99.

Improve your swing on courses all over the world

If you’ve never played on a golf simulator before, it doesn’t get much better than PhiGolf. It’s specifically designed to be beginner-friendly for golf amateurs. But it also boasts a ton of features that will really seal the deal for avid, real-life golfers.

That starts with the ability to virtually play on lovingly rendered versions of almost any course in the world on your TV, iPhone or iPad. Thanks to PhiGolf’s partnership with L1 Technologies, which GPS-mapped more than 38,000 golf courses across the nation and worldwide, you could hit the green anywhere from your local country club to, yes, the home of the Masters.

How you play with the PhiGolf proves just as impressive. The advanced golf simulator comes with a training stick that’s weighted to feel like an actual club, with a sensor on the end that delivers pinpoint readings on your head speed, attack angle and tempo.

Not realistic enough for you? You can also remove the sensor and fasten it onto your actual clubs. No matter how you choose to swing with this golf simulator, you’ve got a virtual coach giving you feedback that can help your real-world game and impress your golf buddies.

Save on this highly rated golf simulator

PhiGolf boasts 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and one customer even raved, “Great simulator! Couldn’t believe it had all my local courses that aren’t very well known and even private courses. Can’t wait to’ play’ all over the world.”

Celebrate the upcoming Masters tournament and start swinging like a pro. Grab the PhiGolf World Tour Edition now for just $189.99. This deal ends March 15 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

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