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macbook pro – How to get external Logitech Universal Recever to be accepted?

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Currently running Ventura 13.2.1 on a MacBook Pro 2021.

My work sent me a Mac laptop and I have Windows laptop and to make things easier I bought a KVM switch. On the switch I put a Logitech bluetooth Universal receiver. It works fine with the Windows machine like that but getting the Mac to use the bluetooth receiver is proving to be difficult.

What I have done so far is:

  • Put the bluetooth receiver directly on the Mac.
  • Used a different bluetooth receiver.

In the case of the bluetooth receivers the same thing happened with both of them, even a 3rd that I found which is this:

  • It would come up and ask “Allow accessory to connect?”
  • I would say yes.
  • It would ask me to press a key on the keyboard of the device. I don’t have a bluetooth keyboard, all as I did was plug the receiver in. It tells me that until I identify the device by pressing a key on the keyboard (that I don’t have) that the device will not be accepted. I have no choice, I press skip.
  • That’s the end of that sequence.

It makes no difference whether the receiver is plugged directly into the Mac or on the KVM switch.

  • Once this has happened if I unplug the device and plug it back in then nothing happens so the device seems unusable as I hit a dead end of anything happening.

  • I look in the bluetooth system settings and see no difference, I was hoping to see a sign of an external bluetooth device but it looks the same as it always does with just the internal bluetooth device.

  • I try another universal receiver and the same thing happens. Turn the laptop off and back on again and then replug in the external bluetooth receiver and nothing happens.

I also went to the Logitech website to try and download their software where they just said, “There is no software for this OS” so I guess it’s just supposed to be all native to the Mac handling this.

Ultimately I want this to have my bluetooth mouse connected through the KVM switch but so far I have not gotten very far to make this happen because of the Mac.

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