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macos – “IsHidden” attribute for sharepoint groups (“*.plist”)

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On my macOS 11 Big Sur, there are several groups titled “*.plist” (where * is a number starting from 1 and increasing).
What I understand – they are related to shared folders (a single shared folder equals new group with such name).
What I don’t understand – these groups, when created, have an attribute “dsAttrTypeNative:IsHidden: 1”. I don’t get what this actually hides them from. If I manually set it to 0, they are still not visible in “Users&Groups”, and if this attribute is at 1, they are visible anyway when listing groups with “id -Gn” command or through dscl. So what gives?
I’ve checked other groups, and they don’t have the “IsHidden” attribute by default.

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