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Agenda note-taking app adds multiwindow support, new lifetime purchase option, more

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Agenda, the popular note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, has been updated to version 17 today. This update includes multiwindow support on iPadOS and macOS, allowing you to “split off any note or project into a separate window,” among other changes.

This update, Agenda explains, allows you to place two notes side-by-side while you’re working. There’s a new button at the bottom of every note that you can click on to open in a separate window.

Agenda has always had powerful navigation features, which allow you to quickly move to and from other notes, but sometimes you need to undertake a task where you want the two notes side-by-side. You need to review one while working on the other, or you need to move content between them.

Agenda 17 makes this workflow possible. Every note now has an extra button at the bottom while you edit. Just click that button, and a separate window will appear with a copy of the note. You can then navigate in the main window, while the auxiliary window keeps the note visible. This also works with whole projects.

With this change, Agenda has also added a new “floating windows” feature. This allows you to choose an Agenda window that can float above all other windows on your Mac. As the company explains, you can use this for something like taking notes or referencing notes during a meeting.

Agenda 17 also includes a new “focus mode” that hides all other interface elements of the app to make it easy to focus on what you’re writing. There’s also a new floating palette for formatting on macOS.

Finally, Agenda is also making two interesting changes to the business side of things. First, Agenda 17 for Mac is exclusively available via the Mac App Store. Previously, you could download the app via the Agenda website or from the Mac App Store, but in an effort to simplify things, it is now only available via the Mac App Store.

While you can still subscribe to Agenda for $34.99 per year, Agenda 17 also includes a new “lifetime feature” unlock option for $119.99. “A single purchase unlocks all current and future premium features,” the company says.

You can download Agenda on the Mac App Store here. It’s available from the App Store for iPhone and iPad here.

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