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Trippy ad for yellow iPhone 14 feels like flashback to 1968

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Apple’s newest ad is a blast from the past.
Screenshot: Apple

Even if a yellow iPhone 14 or 14 Plus isn’t your thing, you should really check out Apple’s video advert for the new product. It’s like totally trippy, man.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Video ad for yellow iPhone 14 is actually cooler than the phone

The Beatles released the Yellow Submarine animated fantasy in 1968. Its hippy, trippy look epitomized the 1960s for many, and the film became a landmark of animation. Even today, it continues to inspire creators.

For proof, one need look no further than Hello Yellow, a short video Apple made to advertise the banana-colored iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. It’s done in the same general style as the movie classic.

The star of the advert pulls out his canary-esque iPhone 14 and launches into a brightly colored 1960s flashback that’s a mix of trippy animation and reality.

The background music is more modern, though. It’s “Le Banana Split” by Lio.

Sunshine-inspired iPhone now in stores

Hello Yellow premiered Tuesday to celebrate the launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus in a yellow casing. After an early March announcement, the handsets reached store shelves on Tuesday. And customers who preordered the new color variant are receiving their purchase today.

Prices start at $799 for the yellow version of the iPhone 14 with 128GB of storage. Similarly, the larger Plus model in the same color can also be ordered from Apple’s online store. Prices start at $899 for the version with 128GB of storage.

If Apple had been founded in 1968
If Apple had been founded in 1968…
Screenshot: Apple

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