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Camo 2 revamped with support for any camera, Apple Silicon hardware boosts, and more

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In 2020, Reincubate’s Camo launched to redefine the video call experience by letting users take advantage of the great lens in their iPhone (among other cameras) with fine-grain control image control. After launching a number valuable of updates over the last few years, Reincubate is back with the major Camo 2 update, here are all the new features and changes!

Even as Apple launched its Continuity Camera feature for Mac/iPhone last fall, Camo continued to offer more and more value with features like variable frame rates, Smart Zoom, and video stabilization.

Today, with Camo 2, Reincubate is bringing even more capability and power to the experience compared to any other webcam solution.

Camo 2 headlining features

  • Support for any webcam, built-in, connected pro camera, Continuity Camera device or action cam
  • Next-gen features including Portrait’s bokeh, Spotlight’s light correction, Privacy’s blur effect, Replace’s greenscreen, and the power of Auto framing
  • Native LUT support, with an included pack of 18 thoughtfully created presets
  • Hardware acceleration on AMD, Apple Silicon, Intel and NVIDIA hardware, for better looking and 3-5x greater efficiency than other effects
  • 4K output from capable webcams and connected pro cameras
  • A rich new Fluent Design interface on Windows, making Camo Studio one of the most beautiful and thoughtfully designed apps in the ecosystem
  • As before, full compatibility with Zoom, Teams, OBS, Chrome, Discord, Safari, FaceTime and others, and no ads or invasive tracking

For all the fine details, check out the full Camo 2 launch post and the company’s updated manifesto.

I’ve been using Camo myself for the last three years and have found it to deliver a wonderful experience. It has a clean and easy-to-use UI that delivers impressive image quality plus all the power you need to customize your video in any lighting conditions. And the team at Reincubate has been super consistent with delivering great updates over the years.

Get Camo 2

For existing users, Camo 2 is a free update. If you haven’t tried it before, Camo 2 is available for Mac, iOS, and Windows and you can download the iOS app from the App Store to try it out for free.

To unlock all the advanced features, Camo Pro is priced at $4.99/month, $39.99/year, or as a lifetime license for $79.99.

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