I’m getting complete nonsense text in my Google Chrome settings. And when I type, I get completely wrong characters… but only in settings. the masthead search and other websites display correctly. All other programs and web browsers are working fine.chrome settings image
I’ve searched for a fix but found nothing.
I’ve tried:
dumping the preferences for Chrome
resetting settings
uninstalling and reinstalling chrome altogether
checking for malware with Malwarebytes and so far nothing fixes it.
logged in with a different user. same issues in settings so assume it’s a local problem and not a user settings problem.
restarted in safe mode and text is fine. created an alternate admin user and text was fine. So cleaned all caches with Ventura Cache Cleaner and still have the same issue on my normal admin settings.
This is only happening on my desktop computer. my MacBook displays settings correctly so I don’t think it’s related to my google account being corrupted. The computer is a Mac running OS 13.2.1 and Google Chrome is the latest version 111.0.5563.64

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