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Here are most popular Apple TV+ shows that aren’t Ted Lasso

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These are the ten Apple TV+ that have reached the summit of popularity on Apple’s streaming video service.
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Although Ted Lasso is amazing and wildly popular, it’s not the only show Apple TV+. A search engine focused on movies and TV released a top 10 list of everything on Apple’s streamer, revealing which other series also draw plenty of viewers.

Subscribers to the streaming service might use it to find additional shows worth watching.

Reading the streaming numbers

Apple doesn’t announce how many people watch its various shows, so it’s up to outside sources to reveal what viewers are streaming.

Movie and TV search engine JustWatch releases weekly lists of the most popular shows on all streaming services. On Thursday, it also released a list of the top 10 most popular series ever on Apple TV+.

This is data that goes back to the launch of the streamer in 2019. That’s to the disadvantage of new shows like Shrinking that are popular now but haven’t had months or years to build up numbers.

Top 10 most all-time popular shows on Apple TV+

Ted Lasso is at the top of the heap, of course, followed by another Apple TV+ series that became a household name in 2022.

Ted Lasso is by far Apple TV’s most popular show — holding 27.1% of the top 10 popularity,” noted JustWatch’s Christina Stone. “Adam Scott and Severance comes in at number 2, but has over 10% less popularity than Jason Sudekis’s hit show.”

These are followed by The Morning Show staring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Foundation, See and For All Mankind are running neck-and-neck.

Top 10 most popular shows on Apple TV+
Top 10 most popular shows on Apple TV+. (Tap for larger version)
Chart: JustWatch

All of these series are available now on Apple TV+, ready to be bingewatched. The streaming service is $6.99 per month, one of the lowest cost options on the market.

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