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Easily manage Apple accessories with Desk Mat Pro

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Other desk mats simply aren’t as qualified as this one for certain jobs.
Photo: Function101

We know what you’re thinking: a “Pro” desk mat? Well, yes, actually. The Function101 Desk Mat Pro is rather capable. Not only does it help protect your desk, it’s a serious tool for often-neglected cable management in and around the computer setup.

And the professional-level desk mat is now available in the Cult of Mac Store for $39.95. Other desk mats just aren’t qualified.

Function101 Desk Mat Pro

“Function101 Desk Mat Pro is the ultimate Apple Accessory Management System designed for both home and office use,” the company said. You can tell they’re serious from all those not-strictly-necessary capital letters in the vaunted accessory-management system.

The Desk Mat Pro protects your desk from spills and scratches. It’s crafted from premium PU pebble leather with a soft, faux-suede bottom, so it protects your desk in style, Function101 said.

What Function101 called the mat’s “differentiator” is its “one-of-a-kind metal-infused inner layer, which creates a connection with our magnetic cable accessories allowing you to organize your cables anywhere on your Desk Mat Pro — no messy adhesives needed!”

Other notes on Desk Mat Pro:

  • Dimensions: 31 in x 16 in / 79 cm x 40 cm
  • Allow 1-2 days for Desk Mat Pro to fully flatten (wrinkles or lines from being rolled-up to ship will disappear).
  • You can choose from black, navy, gray and purple colors.

Price: $39.95

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store


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