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ipad – Does deleting a file in Safari downloads also deletes it in Files app?

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This morning, I downloaded a very important file to Safari downloads (shows an circle with a down arrow in it in the toolbar next to the address bar).

I have read it (it’s a .docx) in Files app and then, when I came back to Safari, I saw the icon mentionned above, and I wanted to remove it (it takes more place then when it’s not here, obviously. It’s more relevant because I’m also using slide-over with 2 Safari windows a lot).

Since there is no “Customize Toolbar” button as in Mail or Numbers apps, I’m looking for a way to hide this icon. The only way to me would be to delete the file that has been downloaded because this icon popped at the same time I downloaded the file, so I guess removing it would cause the icon to go away.

I have finished reading this file but I will need it after on for a quite significant amount of time.

So, since this is an important file and I don’t want risking to lose it (haven’t tried deleting yet, I want a confirmation), does deleting it in Safari app also deletes it in Files app?

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Note: I’m on iPad 6th gen running iPadOS 16.2

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