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macos – Unable to remove uchg user immutable flag/lock with root user

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Current app file permissions:

When I run

# file location
cd /Applications

# show flags
ls -lO | grep <app>
# "drwxr-xr-x  3 root            wheel  uchg        96 Dec  1  2021 <app>.app"

# via sudo, fails
sudo chflags nouchg <app>.app

# via su, fails
su root
chflags nouchg <app>.app

I get

chflags: <app>.app: Operation not permitted

I’ve already tried disabling system integrity protection, and granting full disk access to Terminal, and changing file owner to myself.

csrutil status
# "System Integrity Protection status: disabled."

sudo chown <myself> <app>.app
# "chown: <app>.app: Operation not permitted"

How do I unlock this file?

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