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iphone – How can I switch from Google Authentication to Apple Authentication

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Android user here since my first phone, I finally decided to switch to an iPhone. What a wonderful choice.

I was able to switch to every Apple’s services (passwords, mails, messages…) but I have one big problem : switch from “connect with a Google account” to “connect with an Apple account”.

On every websites, every services I ever used in my life, everytime I was able to connect with my Google account, I connected with my Google account.

But the problem is mostly the 2FA. While it’s inherent to Android phones, it’s not well integrated to Apple. I have to open the Google App to get the notification to authorize the 2FA from my iPhone.

Unlike the Google 2FA, the Apple 2FA works like a charm on the iPhone. Indeed.

So I want to switch, on every websites, every services, everywhere I used my Google account to connect, to my Apple account.

I know I can go on every websites one by one, and try to link my Apple Account everywhere, but what a painful way to solve this issue. Nowaday, the transition from Google to Apple is very fluent, but I didn’t find any answer to this particular problem.

Do you know how can I easily switch from Google authentication to Apple authentication ?

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