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How to show a keyboard when an iOS device is connected with a barcode scanner and keyboard gets hidden by scanner

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There are two ways to do this:

  • Press and hold the Language Chevron
  • Press the Eject Key

Both of these methods require you to select the text field. Simply tap the field to select it. If not selected, the on-screen keyboard won’t appear.

Language Chevron

When you’re in a text field, the keyboard toolbar will show at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the Language Indicator (“EN” shown below) to bring up the context menu then select “Show Keyboard”

enter image description here

Eject Key

If you’re using a keyboard and it has an Eject key, simply select the text field and press “Eject.”

enter image description here

This answer was written on an iPad running iOS 16.4.1 with a Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard and MX Anywhere BT Mouse Mouse. Both methods described above were tested as this answer was written.

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