When I ran

‘brew install ext4fuse’ in Terminal (10.14.6),

it returned

‘ext4fuse: Linux is required for this software.

libfuse@2: Linux is required for this software.

Error: ext4fuse: Unsatisfied requirements failed this build.’

How to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

You might need to build it manually on your Mac.

Taken from https://github.com/gerard/ext4fuse/issues/74#issuecomment-1374069541:

git clone https://github.com/gerard/ext4fuse.git && cd "$(basename "$_" .git)"
mkdir ~/ext4_mount
diskutil list # shows you a list of all disks connected to your system, choose your ext4 disk/partition, let's assume it's /dev/disk4
sudo ./ext4fuse /dev/disk4 ~/ext4_mount -o allow_other # sudo is required
# approve all the security prompts, reboot
sudo ./ext4fuse /dev/disk4 ~/ext4_mount -o allow_other # run again after reboot


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