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3 ways Mother’s Day gets better with Bluetti

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with up to $700 off with Bluetti.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show love and gratitude for all the hard work and dedication mothers put into their families. Show that love and consideration with a Bluetti portable power station for power peace of mind.

This Mother’s Day, use Bluetti’s special promotions to bring home a gift she’ll truly love by getting up to $700 off a Bluetti power solution when you shop from May 6 to 18. We’ve detailed three ways Bluetti can power-up any situation thanks to its portable power station solutions.

Take mom camping with a Bluetti portable power station

Spend some quality time with your mom on a peaceful and serene natural excursion, but before you head out, don’t forget to pack a portable power station to keep you powered up. The Bluetti EB3A, EB55, and EB70 are the perfect portable solutions for your next camping trip.

The EB3A is a compact power solution that's perfect for a getaway.

The EB3A is a portable power station that’s perfect for a getaway.

These portable power stations weigh up to 21 pounds and are compact enough to store anywhere an average shoebox can fit. With between 9 and 13 outlets, they can simultaneously charge your favorite devices, such as phones, laptops, drones, car fridges, and more.

Pamper mom with a hot cup of coffee or cook her breakfast on a skillet powered by a Bluetti product. Plus, never worry about dead iPhones, MacBooks, or cameras thanks to the large battery capacity.

Bluetti products can provide power to most home products, so don’t limit yourself to charging a phone battery or cooking a meal. Try bringing a projector to watch a movie under the stars, or power a space heater on those chilly nights.

Breeze through a road trip with continuous power

Hit the road this spring with a day trip to the countryside, or escape for a week to some must-see attractions and be sure to bring mom along to make the best memories. Don’t forget to pack your Bluetti solar generators to extend your power capacity and your getaway.

The AC200P is a powerful solar panel solution.

The AC200P is a powerful solar panel solution.

The Bluetti AC series of solar generators, including the AC200P, AC200MAX, and AC300, make for the perfect off-grid power solutions. With up to 3,000W of power, you can run most RV appliances, such as hair dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, heaters, and more, with no fuss.

Spoil your mom with a blended beverage or make her favorite dessert, now possible thanks to a Bluetti solar generator. Plus, make your RV a home away from home with comforts like CPAP machines and space heaters powered by a Bluetti AC200MAX or AC200P.

Bluetti’s solar generators keep your trip quiet and the air fresh, versus loud gas-powered generators. You will feel great about reducing your carbon footprint while pampering your mom, and it’s the perfect power companion for your RV.

You can even extend your road trip further thanks to customized battery capacity and unlock up to 12,288Wh of power when you pair the AC300 expandable power station with B300 batteries. And stay fully charged by connecting the setup to solar panels or a car charger.

The AC300 and B300 keeps power ready at your fingertips.

The AC300 and B300 keeps power ready at your fingertips.

Thanks to a max charging rate of 2,400W, you can restore a full charge in no time. Plus, by charging with Bluetti’s solar panels, you can think green and always have access to clean energy, no matter where your trip takes you.

Bluetti provides peace of mind all year

While Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration, caring for mom should occur year-round. Even if you live away from your mom, you can still give her a meaningful gift that gives her peace of mind.

With the Bluetti AC500 and EP500 home battery systems, power outages are no longer a problem. The responsive Uninterruptible Power Supply functions and high-capacity battery system engage in just 20 milliseconds of detecting an outage, ensuring continued power.

Bluetti’s AC500 is a top-rated modular power station that raised $12 million in capital on Indiegogo with more than 5000 investors. When paired with a B300S, you gain a flexible capacity of up to 18,432Wh, which is enough power for emergencies lasting a few days at 3KWh per day.

  • 360W AC fridge for 43.5 hours
  • 700W electric oven for 22.4 hours
  • 1800W air conditioner for 8.7 hours
  • 1000W coffee maker for 15.7 hours
The AC500 and B300S duo can provide backup power.

The AC500 and B300S duo can provide backup power.

To make life even easier for mom, the Bluetti EP500 is an all-in-one solar generator on wheels, allowing her to take it anywhere. Wherever mom needs power, she can easily roll the EP500, whether it’s for a garden party or outdoor work.

With a fixed capacity of 5,100Wh and a 2,000W output, the EP500 can also power various home appliances, including:

  • 1500W Electric Grill for 3 Hours
  • 8000BTU air conditioner for 5 to 10 hours
  • 2000W coffee maker for 170 cups
  • 80W TV for 45 hours
  • 40W LED Lighting for 80 Hours

Happy Mother’s Day from Bluetti!

Bluetti would like to send warm greetings to all the super moms everywhere. No matter how you choose to spend Mother’s Day with your mom, Bluetti’s portable power station options can help make it a day to remember.

So why wait? Start planning your Mother’s Day celebration today by saving up to $700 on a portable power station! Power even more adventures by referring friends to get rewards: you’ll earn one Bluetti buck for every dollar they spend, and your friends also receive a 5% off. Learn more by checking out the Refer a Friend page.

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