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I am having trouble bluetooth-sharing pictures from my cell phone. It works on my 2017 iMac, but not on my M2 Mini

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I’m having trouble getting Bluetooth sharing to work on my M2 Mini. I can pair the two devices (the mini and my LG VN220) just fine. But I can’t send pictures to the Mini.

I rarely have trouble sending pictures to my 2017 iMac, but that system is to be decommissioned and given to somebody else, as soon as I iron out all the bugs on the Mini.

At first, it rejected pictures because Bluetooth sharing wasn’t enabled in System Settings. I turned it on, and it accepted one picture (but didn’t ask me to confirm!)

I then turned on confirmation, and tried to send a picture: no confirmation dialog appeared, and my phone timed out without sending anything.

I tried turning confirmation off, and sending again. Still nothing.

I tried unpairing and repairing, and shutting down and restarting the phone. Still nothing.

But it continues to work on the 2017 iMac.

I could of course transfer pictures on a mini-SD card, the way I do with my old “bionic desk lamp” iMac at home, or with my Chromebook, but then I’d need to add a memory card reader.

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