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network – MacOS: WiFi connected without internet

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Apple M1 Pro
Ventura 13.3.1

I was trying to connect my laptop to TV via broken HDMI cable (it repeatedly used to connect and disconnect). After several minutes of trying to make it work I gave up and turned cable off computer. In a few moments laptop was forced reloaded. After this I wasn’t able to proceed after login screen with my password, it was just shaking input field and nothing happen.
To resolve this problem I reset password via bootload Options using terminal resetpassword.
Finally I am able to login, but now WiFi is connected without internet. I tried several different networks, checked for opened VPNs/proxies (all empty), rebooted laptop and routers several times and tried to use custom DNS servers for specific WiFi network, but nothing works.
Interesting that I can ‘ping’ host okay with positive response, but I cannot ‘curl’ them (getting ‘Immediate connect fail for {IP}: No route to host’)
Also I tried to delete networks settings from the system and reboot laptop, it also is not helping.
I created new laptop account and logged in there. And… WiFi works fine. But I need my main user to work. Thanks in advance

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