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icloud – Merging Two Photo Libraries on macOS with Different Names and Usernames

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I first performed a manual backup of the photos stored in the user profile “jack”, although I wasn’t overly concerned about losing any images as they were also stored on iCloud.

Next, I deleted the “jack” profile and simultaneously removed the photos folder from the “jack1” profile. This action effectively cleared all photographs from my laptop.

In an effort to eliminate duplicate profiles, I made several changes. I renamed the primary profile from “jack1” to “jack” and also modified the home folder’s location. I can’t recall the specific steps to this process, unfortunately, as I didn’t document it and can’t find the relevant information in my browsing history.

Following these changes, I launched the Photos app and synchronized all my pictures. Once this process was completed, I noted that there was no duplicate/extra profile, and the space used on my hard drive was not duplicated. This allowed me to free up a significant amount of storage space on my laptop.

This method worked well for me.

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