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ventura – How to show file paths in Finder search result lists when searching by filename?

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I’ve got a complex folder tree that contains over a dozen instances of the same file. I want to see where they all are to see if there are any in unexpected places.

I thought this would be easy to do by using Finder’s search by filename, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to include the file path in the search results:

I’ve got “Show path bar” enabled in View options, so I can see a sort of icon-heavy version of the path at the very bottom of the window if I select each one in turn:

enter image description here

…and I can also use the terminal to list path like find . -name

enter image description here

…but what I really want is a way to view all the paths in a list, in Finder. Is it possible?

Finder has a lot of more “advanced” view options hidden away in system menus or behind keyboard shortcuts, I’m hoping there’s one like this.

This is on Ventura 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a).

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