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Find Apple Music Set Lists

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Apple Music launched a neat new feature today that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite artists’ tours, know exactly what songs they’re playing, and even have the option to buy concert tickets. Follow along for how to find Apple Music Set Lists and which artists are featured.

Apple Music was updated with the new Set Lists feature today with six major artists being featured to start. Along with being able to play and save the set list for popular touring artists, you can see their upcoming shows, and even get options to buy tickets.

Here’s how Apple describes Set Lists:

Digging up set lists has always been a core part of music fandom, whether you’re gearing up for an upcoming show and want to memorize all the right lyrics or are reminiscing about a concert that meant something special to you. Here, in our new Set Lists space, we’re working to make that experience more seamless by spotlighting a selection of major ongoing tours and sharing the set list from the show. While you’re here, you can also browse upcoming concerts in a new feature powered by Shazam, explore the artists’ catalogs, and, in some cases, read about the productions. It’s more fun than ever to be a fan.

How to use Apple Music Set Lists

  1. Open Apple Music and choose the Browse tab at the bottom
  2. Tap Set Lists at the top (you can also use the search tab to find it)
  3. Swipe through the featured Set List artists, tap one to play (or save the playlist)
  4. You can also choose Browse Upcoming Shows to see where they’re playing next, and look for the Get Tickets button when available
find Apple Music Set Lists tour playlists and more

What Set Lists are available?

Here are the six featured artists at launch with more to come:

Some Set Lists that are findable through search but aren’t showing up yet on Apple Music’s Set List featured page include:

Have you noticed any other hidden Set Lists? Share down in the comments!

Alongside the new Set Lists, 40 new Apple Maps Guides arrived today curated by Apple Music editors. The new resources cover the “best venues to experience live music in some of the world’s leading culture hubs.”

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