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AI-powered drone flies itself and captures interesting images

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Snap a photo or video from midair with this drone that uses artificial intelligence to capture aerial images.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

AI image generators are exciting, but there’s another way for artificial intelligence to give you a great photo. The self-flying Air Neo camera drone uses AI to lock onto you and snap a few photos from the air.

This AI-powered drone is on sale for $149.99 (regularly $159). 

AI drone flies itself for selfies, group photos

You don’t have to be a pilot to fly this drone from AirSelfie. In fact, you don’t have to fly it at all. Once you release the Air Neo into the air, its AI takes over and shoots a few photos or records video based on a set of presets accessed through the app or using the button interface on the drone itself.

This little drone gives you a few exciting ways to record yourself or the world around you. From face-locking selfies to zoom-in shots, this drone could be a valuable tool for content creators and social media managers.

You can snap photos from up to 60 feet away with the drone’s 12-megapixel camera. If you want to record a video for social media, it only takes a moment to set up and record in 1080p. You can easily record an innovative dance for TikTok or a 360-degree video to show off your tropical vacation destination.

You can even sync your drone to your phone so it will automatically send you the files once the flight ends — without any annoying file-transfer process. Then, you can share your selfies directly on social media from the Air Neo app. (And if you need to keep your files on the Air Neo, it comes 16GB of memory built in.)

Let AI take your selfies with Air Neo

If you want to post unique, eye-catching content to your social media or website, this AI-powered drone can record you or the world around you automatically from midair. Get the Air Neo AI-powered camera drone now for just $149.99 (regularly $159).

Buy from: Cult of Mac Deals

Prices subject to change.

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