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finder – Ill effects from vetoing .DS_Store files on an SMB server?

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I am in an environment where I have a Samba file server accessed by multiple users on both managed and unmanaged Macs.

I’ve noticed that performance in the Finder gets pretty terrible in folders with a lot of content. There is a defaults option to disable the local system from using or creating .DS_Store files on network shares that does do a great deal to help:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

This is easy enough to set on my managed systems, but I would like to do something more centralized for the unmanaged ones. Samba has a veto files option that should prevent those files from being written. However, I am not familiar enough with how Finder uses these to know what effect, if any, blocking these files would have.

Can I expect any bad behavior from the systems without the defaults option set if they are not allowed to generate these files?

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