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Hermès launches leather case and lanyard for AirPods Pro

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French luxury designer Hermès officially partnered with Apple in 2015 to launch a special edition Apple Watch with bands designed by the brand. The partnership between the two companies still exists to this day, but apart from that, Hermès also makes accessories for other Apple products. This week, the brand launched a new luxury leather case and lanyard for AirPods Pro.

New Hermès accessories for AirPods Pro

As noted by WatchGeneration (via MacMagazine), the new case is made of Swift calf leather and is available in five different colors: Gold, Navy Blue, Cricket Green, Azalea Pink, and Linen Blue. It features a unique design following the Hermès style and protects the entire AirPods case, with a cutout for the Lightning port and another for the LED charging indicator.

The Hermès case for AirPods Pro also comes with an adjustable strap so people can use it as a neckband or even as a handbag accessory. Although the case is designed for the second-generation AirPods Pro, it should fit perfectly with the charging case of the first-generation AirPods Pro, as they’re about the same size.

But if you think having a Hermès case for your AirPods is too much, the company has also introduced a new leather lanyard for the AirPods case. Like the case, the lanyard is made of soft Swift calf leather. The two straps are attached by a palladium-plated brass saddle nail. The colors are also the same as those available for the leather case.

But unlike the leather case, the lanyard is only compatible with second-generation AirPods, as the old case lacks the lanyard slot.

Hermès launches new luxury leather case and lanyard for AirPods Pro that cost up to €780

Price and availability

If you want to buy one of these, you better be prepared to spend a lot of money. The Hermès leather case for AirPods Pro costs €780. The lanyard is a bit less expensive at €280. Both are available to order from Hermès’ online store, and it’s unclear whether Apple will eventually sell these accessories in its store.

It’s worth noting that in addition to the Apple Watch Hermès, there’s also a special edition AirTag designed by Apple and Hermès.

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