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boot – Is there any efibootmgr command-line equivalent in MacOS to see bootable targets?

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I found this text in a book (on linux) and i was wondering if there is an equivalent in MacOS.

“To determine if your system uses a BIOS or UEFI, run efibootmgr. If
you get a list of boot targets, your system has UEFI. If instead
you’re told that EFI variables aren’t supported, your system uses a
BIOS. Alternatively, you can check to see that /sys/ firmware/efi
exists; if so, your system uses UEFI.”

I searched the web and SE but what i found is all about dual-boot things.
(There is a post that looked promising (Efibootmgr command for OS X), but is nothing there. Just focusing on dual-boot, not on the command).

I just need a command-line option to check if a system uses BIOS or UEFI (and in any case, list the bootable targets).

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