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iOS 17 to Include Dedicated Journaling App and Mood Tracking

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The iOS 17 update that Apple plans to announce in June will include a dedicated journaling app, reports Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. The Wall Street Journal in April highlighted Apple’s work on a Day One-style journaling app, but at the time, it was not clear if it would come in ‌iOS 17‌.

According to Gurman, the app is indeed slated for inclusion in ‌iOS 17‌, and it will introduce “note taking and a stronger social element” to the iPhone.

There are no other details on the app in the report, but The ‌Wall Street Journal‌ previously said that the app will let users keep track of their daily activities and their thoughts. Apple will give people topics to write about such as a workout or a meeting, and there will be an “All Day People Discovery” feature that determines when a user is in close proximity to other people. The app will know when users receive text messages, phone calls, and other notifications, but privacy will be a focus and everything will be done on-device.

The journaling app appears to be a health-related initiative that will analyze what each user’s typical day is like, and it could integrate with a mood tracking feature that Apple also has planned for ‌iOS 17‌. The emotion tracking app will let users keep track of their mood, answer questions about their day, and view the results over time.

With the journaling app and the mood tracking functionality, Apple plans to bring the Health app to the iPad for the first time, allowing ‌iPad‌ owners to view their health-related data even when an ‌iPhone‌ is unavailable.

Third-party app developers like Day One have long offered journaling platforms for the ‌iPhone‌ and the ‌iPad‌, and based on early reports, it sounds like Apple’s offering could be similar to what’s possible with Day One.

Back in April when news of Apple’s journaling app came out, Day One said that it is “excited” Apple will bring journaling to a wider audience, and that it plans to ensure that the Day One app “remains the very best option” for those interested in journaling. More on the journaling app can be found in Gurman’s full report.

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