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Apple Spaces sometimes exchange each other (spontaneously)

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I’m usign “Spaces” and have configured my MacBook (MacOS 12.6.5) to come up with 5 spaces. For instance, I’m using one space mostly for writing text, one for debugging programs, one for video calls and so on. This allows me to quickly switch to a certain “work environment” by tying Control+.

For easier identifying the space I’m in, I have installed the utility WhichSpace, which shows the current space number in the status bar.

From time to time, I find that my spaces seem to be interchanged. I type Control-4, and WhichSpace shows that I indeed am on space 4, but the open windows are those of space 3. When I now go to space 3, I find here the windows which have been before on space 4. Sometimes, they exchange back after a while, sometimes they don’t.

I can recognize the “exchanged spaces” not only from the windows I have placed there, but also from the space number displayed in the status bar.

I was not able so far to spot the exact circumstances where this mysterious switch occurs. My guess is that with my clumsy fingers I accidentally press some hot key which causes this space exchange.

Does somebody know whether such a key combination exists, and how one can disable it?

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