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Parallels with Windows 11 VM – map a network drive to a folder on a different Mac connected over Ethernet

I have Parallels 18 with a Windows 11 VM with the host on Apple Silicon. The VM runs normally. I am able to map network locations to drive letter for locations on the host machine.

What I would like to do is map a drive in the Windows VM to a folder on a different Mac computer that is connected via Ethernet (and also via wifi and Bluetooth). When I try to map a drive, I only see in the “Network” the local to the host machine locations.

It would seem that I should be able to map to other networked machines.

I have tried the following configuration changes, but nothing has worked so far.

  • Change VM Configure > Hardware > Network > Source to Ethernet;
  • changed Devices > Network from Shared to Bridged > Ethernet;
  • enabled nearby sharing in Windows;

It is possible to map a network drive in the Windows VM to another local machine?

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